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Spooky Sequences, counting by 3's
Spooky Sequences, counting by 5's
Spooky Sequences, counting by 10's
Finding odd numbers
Finding Even Numbers

Halloween Riddles
Word Find

For Fun
Spooky Differences
Jig Saw Puzzle
Matching Game

Coloring Page
Thanksgiving Jokes and Riddles
Thanksgiving Quiz
Turkey Quiz
Turkey Drop
Turkey Swap
Pin the Snood on the Turkey
Find letters
Turkey Dress Up
Find the Turkey Dinner
Thanksgiving Turkey Dance
Jigsaw Puzzles



Valentine's Day

Crossword puzzles
Decorate a Christmas tree
Matching game
build a snowman 
coloring book
word search
counting money
telling time
swap puzzle

Jig Saw Puzzle
Tic Tac Toe
Word Search
Mix and Match Bear's Clothing
Matching Game
Catch Cupid


St. Patricks Day


Unscramble Words
Word Search
Unscramble the picture
Jig Saw Puzzle
Coloring Book



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